Closed presentations are designed to provide an opportunity for companies who want present their services and products (for groups of max 50 people). According to your requests, we will invite potential clients, investors, consultants and other customers from all over the world.

Price includes:
•    Meeting room
•    Participation for 50 persons
•    Technical equipment (laptop, sound system with microphone, flipchart, projector screen)
•    Coffee break
•    Hostess

PRICE: 1.500,00 €
*VAT is not included

*Catering or additional services upon request.


Businesss-to-Business – exchange of products, services or information between business in the construction industry (local administrative units, construction companies, local customers). 


•    Meet one-on-one with key industry leaders
•    Discover new business opportunities
•    Gain entry into new markets

We can offer you two types of business meetings:    B2B

1) Bilateral meeting – will be organized upon your request and will be customized to your requirements.

Participation fee includes:
•    meeting facilities for 2 hours
•    coffee break

Participation fee: 350,00 €
*VAT is not included

*Catering or additional services upon request.   

2) The aim of the B2B Meetings is to facilitate business development and meet potential cooperation partners at face-to-face meetings. Business to Business meetings are very efficient format which allows you to have 10 to 12 high-quality meetings in just 1 day. After confirmation of your registration and your payment, you will be at the list of participating companies which will enable other companies to identify your areas of business and skills. A few days before the event you will receive your personal meeting schedule with information about the time, the number of the table and meeting itinerary.


Local representatives - we can provide head-hunting services and all information for companies who are interested in having local representatives presence in South East Europe. Local representative will be in charge of organization your business activities (sell your company’s products or services, assist you in positioning on the market, etc). Depending on the nature of the business and its requirements, clients have an option of hiring specialized staff especially for them. Professional profile of local representative can be from construction industry, legal profession, economics and geology, translation, banking services or any other required area of profession.