Tunnelling in Mediterranean Region, 2013

Porec, Croatia, May 7-8, 2013


3rd Symposium on tunnelling and underground structures

ITA Croatia organized in 2013 a symposium on tunnelling and underground structures with the title “Tunnelling in Mediterranean Region”. 

Symposium was dedicated to special conditions we meet in specific Mediterranean conditions such as: limestone-breccia-dolomite geological formations, dense cities along coasts with intensive daily traffic, shallow sea and islands near tot he coast without any traffic connection, huge masses of tourists moving during summer months without proper massive transport facilities, numerous historical monuments above and under the ground in old cities attractive to tourists.

In the sense of protecting the environment using underground there are a lot of possibilities to apply underground solutions in mediterranean region. With the support of International Tunnelling Association ITA-AITES and our neighboring countries we are glad to open the possibility to speak about ideas, technical possibilities and financial interest to develop numerous future underground solutions in Mediterranean for the benefit of our environment and all inhabitants and users in the region.


Final program.pdf

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