Zagreb Underground, 2014

Zagreb, Croatia, March 27-28, 2014

4th Symposium on Underground Solutions in Cities in South-East Europe

ITA Croatia organized in 2014 a new symposium on tunnelling and underground structures with the title “Zagreb Undergound“. The Symposium dealt with the problematic of using underground space in cities where daily traffic congestions are seriously influencing daily life of passengers and inhabitants. 

Even thought underground space is easily available and usable for different purposes like: traffic, shopping, exhibitions, installations, storages, parking places, water supply and sewer and many others it is not properly used in our every day life. Special situation is present in cities of South-East Europe where long time underdevelopment of methods and technologies for using underground space caused congested surface and unused underground. 

In order to improve the information on using underground symposium provided wide platform of information for experts and general public.