Highway to Priština in 2020

Matea Uhlik Vidović, 13.09.2016.
The project documentation for a highway connecting Niš, Merdare and Priština will be done in early 2017. Construction itself slated to be completed by 2020, said Serbian Deputy PM and Minister of Construction and Transport Zorana Mihajlović.
The highway was very significant for connecting the entire region and for its development. Linking Serbia and Albania with highway Niš-Priština - Drač is the priority regional project, which is supported by the European Union. The cost of preparation of the project for that section is around 4 million euros.


Fig. 1 Route from Niš to Priština

Ongoing infrastructure projects in Serbia are worth a total 5.5 billion euros.  The European Investment Bank has provided EUR 1.2 billion in Serbia as well as EU already helped Serbia with a total of around 3 billion euros. The highway Nis-Pristina-Merdare is the part of the proposal for the construction of the highway Nis-Pristina-Durres, which was one of 4 projects that the Serbian Prime Minister, Aleksandar Vučić, ran the Western Balkans summit in Vienna last year. The highway would have a length of about 77 kilometers, and the construction would cost between 732 to 855 million euros. For the section from Niš to Merdare feasibility studies were done.
Preparation of the project documentation is funded by the Western Balkans Fund, but it is not official yet who will finance models to be used for the construction of this sections. The highway will allow the mobility of the Serbian economy to the Albanian ports of Drač and Valona and has a wider significance in terms of regional cooperation.

Source: rts.rs