Motorway Bar – Boljare

The part of the motorway in Montenegro that is currently under construction is known as Bar-Boljare motorway and will be 164 km long. Montenegro is a Mediterranean and Balkan country and the main traffic route is a link between ports on the Adriatic and Balkan interior in the hinterland. The main difficulty of the country is its very distinct and unapproachable mountain character which significantly contributed to the slow development of transport. To get a modern and high quality traffic which will develop international tourism for example, it is important to achieve harmonization of transport infrastructure which is a precondition of a social and economic development as well as economic integration of Europe.

Fig.1 Corridor of the future motorway

Bar – Boljare motorway will connect Serbian capital of Belgrade and Montenegro's main seaport Bar with Italy. The route is referred to be as a part of proposed Corridor XI which is located on a European Route E 763 and is a road part of the International E-road network. Corridor of the road route Bar - Boljari is included in basic route of E roads with markings E-80 or E-65, through which establishes connection with Italy. The importance of this corridor is defined by the valid Spatial Plan of Montenegro. It creates the basis for activities related to further work and phase of implementation of the planned highway on the chosen corridor: Bar - Podgorica - Mateševo - Andrijevci - Berane – Boljari.

The largest construction project in Montenegro

Entire investment, which is the largest in the history of Montenegro and the largest Croatian export business, will cost 2.77 billion euros. Enormous construction costs are the result of the mountainous terrain in the most planned sections. For the design and construction of a highway from Bar to Boljare which started in 2015, standards of TEM (Trans-European North-South Motorways) will be applied. The highway is planned as two separate roadways with two traffic lanes and the corresponding stop-lane / slow lane. Design speed is 100 km / h. The completion is planned for the year 2019.

Priority is: Smokovac - Mateševo section

This project is one of the five largest to be implemented on the European market. This middle section of the motorway is considered as a priority, because of its significance as a link between Podgorica and northern Montenegro. Smokovac - Uvac-Mateševo section will have 18 tunnels with a total length of 17.6 kilometers, 13 bridges with a total length 3.3 kilometers and five viaducts with a total length 470 m. The Government of Montenegro selected the Chinese companies CCCC International (China Communications Construction Company) and the CRBC (China Road and Bridge Corporation) as best bidders for the construction of the 41-km priority section Smokovac-Mateševo on the future Bar-Boljare highway in 2013. The offered price for the construction of the priority part of Montenegro’s greatest infrastructural project is EUR 809.577.356,14. The contract is worth about 880 million Euros, and the Exim Bank signed an agreement with Government of Montenegro on funding in a period of five years, for a loan with an annual interest rate of 2% and a repayment period of 20 years. At least 30 percent of the accepted contract amount should involve the engagement of local subcontractors.

author Matea Uhlik Vidović, 21.06.2016.