Port of Brčko – modernization project

Matea Uhlik Vidović, 21.09.2016.
The only international river port in Bosnia and Herzegovina - Luka Brčko, has managed to achieve significant results in the first seven months of this year. Additionally, with new projects that are valued at 10 milion euros, it is estimated that the current annual earnings will be achieved in only one month of operations.The main activity of the port, situated on the border with Croatia, is a transshipment of general cargo, or goods.

Fig. 1 The position of the river Sava and Brčko district

The EBRD is considering providing a sovereign loan of up to 10 million euros to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The facility will be on-lent to the District of Brcko and the funds will be used for rehabilitation and upgrade of facilities at the Port of Brčko as well as optimization of road and railway access to the Port. The project will improve operational efficiency of the Port and increase the cargo handling capacity of the port, which is currently limited by the difficult rail access and outdated infrastructure.


Fig. 2 Port of Brčko

The project is related to modernization of facilities at the Port, including construction and reconstruction of access railway tracks, construction of reloading terminal, reconstruction of access road, purchase and installation of the crane and is related to environmental and social risks that can be readily identified and managed through relevant mitigation measures and management systems. Given that currently there is general agreement of EBRD for approval of loans and that projects are finished, except the one which is in the process of obtaining building permits, the realization of projects could start by early 2017.

Source: ebrd.com