Problems with the tunnel cross-section size

Matea Uhlik Vidović, 29.09.2016.
On the Serbian Corridor 11 new tunnels are in the stage of demolishing because they are low and the damage is 4 million euros. Tunnels Brđani and Šarani on the section Ljig-Preljina are completely unusable - lower by 30 centimeters, which makes trucks pass only in mid-tunnel. Because of these malfunctions, works on Corridor 11 are delayed for two months and what is absurd is the fact that the section is being built to facilitate traffic.

Fig. 1 Brđani and Šarani tunnels

Who is guilty?
As expected, 'no one' is responsible for this absurd. The Ministry of Construction is pointing at the "Koridori Srbije". They said the project is not a problem, but as the two tunnels at this construction stage are poorly done, because the company "Planum", subcontractor, did not do the job properly. Any additional work on the tunnels will be paid pay by "Planum". The investor is supposed to provide the supervisory authority on time and not in January this year when the company ‘Most projekt’ was selected to supervise the construction of the highway. The works on this section began in February 2013. The fact is that the official deadline for completion was August 25 and now it is postponed to October 31. The total value of the works is 308 million euros.