Road tunnels in B&H

Road route M18 Sicki Brod - Semizovac is one of the major roads in the country and the wider region. Most of the sections have some very modest technical elements, sharp horizontal and vertical curves, larger longitudinal slopes as well as insufficient width of the road in curves of smaller radius and inadequate solution drainage. In order to improve the above condition, major project of the state road section Kladanj – Paklenik is finally designed, which includes construction of the tunnel Karaula. Construction work on the single tube, which will be 902,13 m long, started in 2014. The entire construction includes installation of information and communication equipment (sensors, variable traffic signs) necessary for the functioning of the traffic on the mentioned road direction. The planned tunneling technology is the New Austrian Tunnelling Method, and contracted works includes the construction of roads in front and behind the tunnel with a length of approximately 1,200 meters, construction of the escape tunnel length of 475m which present a typical cross-section for passenger evacuation.

Fig.1 Overview of the roads in BiH

The main contractor is Strabag company and the work on the tunnel should be over by the end of 2016. The next step will be the completion of the entire section Kladanj -Podpaklenik, the construction of two bridges (280m and 130 m), as well as a part of the route with a length of about 1,500 meters. With this project, fifty years’ agony of drivers and passengers who used the dual carriageway Tuzla - Sarajevo over mountain pass Border with an altitude of 910 meters, will be completed. With this section, the largest cities of FBiH Tuzla and Sarajevo will be closer up to 20 minutes’ drive, but the most important is that the new road will be much safer than existing ones. The total value of the works will be around 13 million euros.

New projects

The issue of implementation of the project, for which there is a need more than 20 years, neglected due to lack of funds, but also because of the political will, said Minister of Transport and Communications FBiH Denis Lalic. The future works will be financed from a loan funds. One of the projects which includes the modernization program for the construction of a bypass out of Mostar, will be possible thanks to financing loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. To complete the construction of the Medina - Miljkovići it is need to spent the amount of 3 mil EUR. For the works on the section Miljkovići - Rodoč - connection to the M17, section Dl and for the tunnel 'Novi', it is planned the amount of 14.45 mil EUR. Detailed design for the tunnel "Novi" and covered tunnel "Privorac" is in progress. The first project moves on the to bypass Mostar will begin in 2018, and the period of performance is assumed on the minimum of two years. Taking into account the specificities of certain parts of the route, as well as the possibility of phased construction, section is divided into three sub-sections. Section Miljkovići - Rodoč will belong to section number 2 (D2), long 3.1 km, including tunnels 'Novi' (900 m), covered tunnel 'Privorac' (180 m) and Viaduct 'Rodoč' (168 m). The construction of the South bypass of the city of Mostar will move the transit traffic from the inner city areas, and Western Herzegovina will be connecting to the road M17 as well as to motorway on Corridor Vc.


Fig. 2 Corridor VC, from Russia to Adriatic Sea

author: Matea Uhlik Vidovic, 28.06.2016.