Signed contract for Stara Pazova – Novi Sad

Matea Uhlik Vidović, 18.07.2016.
Serbian Railways signed the agreement with Russian Railways RŽD International about Russian loan for the construction of railroad Stara Pazova - Novi Sad, with a distance of 40 kilometers. The value of works is around 370 million euros as since modernization of existing and construction of the second track is planned. The section Stara Pazova - Novi Sad is part of the railway Belgrade - Budapest which is currently under construction and where the passenger trains will reach 200 kilometers per hour. The length of the railway Belgrade - Budapest is 350 km, of which 184 km on the territory of Serbia and 166 km in Hungary. Every country is doing its share of the project, as well as a feasibility study which will be handed over to Serbians Chinese partners in order to consolidate it into one.


Fig. 1 Railway line connecting Hungary, Serbia and FYRO Macedonia.

The agreement was signed in the Government of Serbia between Serbian Railways Infrastructure Director Dušan Garibović and President of RŽD International Sergey Pavlov. Russian loan covers the modernization and construction of railway Pančevačke, six sections on Corridor 10, reconstruction of railroad from Resnik to Valjevo , Stara Pazova - Novi Sad track and the purchase of 27 new diesel engine trains from Russia. Annex provides preparation of terms of reference for the construction of which will be followed by two large building - the viaduct in the navigable part of the Danube River and tunnel Čortonovci.  Project also include design for reconstruction, modernization and construction of double track railway line on the section Stara Pazova - Novi Sad and the development of the project for the construction of a unique train dispatch center for traffic management trains (DCUS).

In accordance with the agreement, RZD International will build a viaduct in a flooded part of the Danube River and a tunnel ‘Čortanovci’. The new viaduct will be double-track, and includes two bridges each of which is about three kilometers long. A length of a new tunnel' Čortanovci', which consists of two tubes connected with evacuation passages, is 2.2 km. During the construction of these facilities advanced methods will be used for works on breaking through tunnels and securing land in order to protect against landslides. In order to shorten the deadlines for the construction, works will be carried out simultaneously in several locations. Building of DCUS in Belgrade will give the possibility to the traffic management " based on facts" to move to preventive management, which makes it possible to predict the situation on the railway line, taking into account all risk factors. It is planned that the works will begin in the first quarter of 2017.