We provide services in the planning, production and organization of seminars & congress meetings. Let us help you plan a memorable conference or meeting. With our knowledge and good solution, we can transform your ideas and aims into reality.
The venue could be in some of the following SEE cities:
  • Zagreb
  • Rijeka
  • Split
  • Dubrovnik
  • Osijek
  • Ljubljana
  • Sarajevo
  • Belgrade
  • Skopje
  • Bucharest
  • Sofia
  • Istanbul
  • Ankara
  • and any other place where the Client may wish to have a Promotion
In combination with outbound telemarketing, the offer of a quality seminar is an effective tool for multiplying the number of qualified prospects for your products and services.
The one-day seminar is especially intended to the companies that have an interest in promoting their own new products, materials and technologies on SEE market. It’s providing an interesting opportunity for company to create a program of the seminar by they own experts and lecturers.

1. Creating Invitation list
2. Co-Producing the Invitation Letter with a company logo
3. Registration & confirmation
Providing list of registrants (with contacts), monitoring registration for room capacity, sending confirmation packages (schedule, directions, services info), conducting reminder calls (24-48 hours before the event)
4. Providing a lecture hall
5. Logistical support: arrange and check seminar logistics
Reception, registration, name tags, seating arrangement, water for speakers, podium and lightning, audio-visual equipment
6. Lunch, 2 coffee breaks

Promovere d.o.o. is the winner of the year award „ Ambassador of Croatian Congress Tourism” – the first place in the category Individuals/institutions from the scientific, cultural, sports and business community responsible for maintaining international events in Croatia.

The seminars have been attended by clients, contractors, investors and consultants and have presented one of new technologies for application in underground. It has been foreseen for engineers, clients and contractors willing to improve their knowledge in future infrastructure projects.

Due to the high interest of professional public we have enabled the participation of a larger number of participants than the number of attendees that has been planned.

The great interest of professional public for technical seminars is in the perfect opportunity to gain professional training and to expand the knowledge getting the new information crucial for the business development in the construction industry.

This way of promotion proved to be very effective for companies that want to improve sales and to expand the network of business contacts and improvement of sales results.