A brilliant idea for the Adriatic cost

Matea Uhlik Vidović, 29.09.2016.
The engineering masterpiece in the Netherlands constantly inspire the world: cars drive on the road over which boats sail. Today, thousands of cars pass daily over 3-meter-deep bridge. Ships are sailing smoothly over the road and even ‘over’ pedestrians who are passing parallel with the drivers.

Fig. 1 Veluwemeer Aqueduct bridge

25 m long and 19 m wide
The famous Veluwemeer Aqueduct bridge was built in the Netherlands in 2002 and was created to connect an artificial Dutch island with the mainland. First it was discussed to construct underwater tunnel and ordinary underpass. After the architects realized that this project was too expensive and too long for their implementation, this idea was rejected. Then they had an ingenious idea – to build a bridge, precisely underpass 25 m long and 19 m wide. Although initially it seemed that the project objects to the laws of physics, that did not happen. And because of that this can be a great idea to investors and architects how to combine the Adriatic island with the mainland in a place where it is possible.

Source: vijesti.rtl.hr