Aktion tunnel

Matea Uhlik Vidović, 11.07.2016.
The undersea tunnel Aktion–Preveza is a road tunnel that connects mainland Greece from Epirus in the Ambracian Gulf. It links Epirus and the city of Preveza with the central Greece -cape of Aktio in Aetolia-Acarnania. The project of the Aktion-Preveza Immersed Tunnel, the first and so far only undersea tunnel in Greece, begun in the mid-1990s and was completed in 2002. The tunnel is an important piece of infrastructure in an underdeveloped region, and greatly shortens the travel distance between the two sides of the gulf, which had been only possible by ferry. The distance of the port of Aktion from the old ferry boat port of Preveza is 725 meters long while at the narrowest point, the Cape Akritas up to the new breakwater of Preveza is only 600 meters. Problems due to rough seas, lack of night routs and long waiting hours during summer now belong to the past.

Fig. 1 Link between Preveza and Aktio
Fig. 2 Immersed tunnel tube Aktion

The undersea tunnel has a total road length of 910 meters and a maximum depth of 27 meters below sea level. The maximum permitted speed is 60 Km / h. The tunnel has a total length of 1570 meter. The tunnel is a dual carriage way and includes a 40-meter-wide side lane and a 1.3-meter-wide pedestrian sidewalk in each direction. The tunnel is being constructed for the Greek Ministry of Environment, Physical Planning and Public Works by a joint venture between Christiani and Nielsen Ltd and Technical Company of General Construction (TCGC), Athens. It is built in an area of severe seismic activity featuring complex geo-technical conditions. As a result, the tunnel contains a number of advanced features, such as stone columns underneath the tunnel to help it withstand soil liquefaction during an earthquake. The cost of the project was EUR 58,904,232.13 and is considered one of the most expensive public works in Greece. As the tunnel is in use during past 14 years, now it’s time to make some new steps regarding modernization.

Open call for operation and maintenance
The contract will be signed for work linked to the operation and maintenance of the Underwater Link "Aktion - Preveza" with the total length of 4.75 km. This will include the undersea Aktion tunnel activities such as the underground access ramps, the input and output ramps, the surface road accesses and parallel service road works. It is planned to perform the following tasks: Inspection and maintenance of the electromechanical installations and works, maintenance of the tunnel, ramps, accesses, service buildings and mechanical toll facilities. Another task will be the operation of the tunnel, ramps and accesses, including responding to emergencies and traffic control, improvement works to cover the tunnel operating needs, ramps and accesses and environmental management tasks, including supply and installation. The value of the contract is 5.55 million euros, excluding VAT. The deadline for submitting is 01.09.2016. and the contract will last 60 months from award.