Croatia: Tunnel as a touristic attraction

Matea Uhlik Vidović, 18.07.2016.
Tunnel 'Grič', which connects Mesnička and Radić street in Zagreb, after 3 months of construction work, is finally open to the public. Restauration lasted two months, and the project for the opening and the beginning of its design was announced last year, 2015. The tunnel was projected in 1943 when the Allied bombing began, and was finished in 1945. In the early nineties, during the alert and war condition in Croatia, the tunnel was shelter and afterwards it was use for a few parties, presentations and exhibitions.

Fig. 1 The entrace to 'Grič'/ photo: V.Skledar

The tunnel is carried out in East-West direction. Passage is 350 meters long and the wide of it is for 3.2 meters while it reaches in the central part the wide of 5.5 meters. The tunnel has an area of 2100 square meters, has three or four exits and to pass the entire tunnel it should take about five minutes. It is interesting that some of inscriptions from the time of the Second World War are still there and these labels succeeded in restoring partial restoration. "No spitting on the floor ',' Leave seat to senior ", " Remind those who do not keep the order," are just some of the signs which are basic why the passage should become a tourist attraction. For this location two cultural projects have been announced, that have applied for EU funds – and one of them is the ‘Museum of Sensation’. At the moment the tunnel is empty, except that there is a modern toilet where music is playing all the time. Visitors can come every day from 9 am to 21 pm.

Fig. 2 Musical toilet/photo:V.Skledar