Egnatia Odos on sale for €100 Million

Matea Uhlik Vidović, 22.09.2016.
The modern road Egnatia Odos one of Greece’s longest and newest national highways, is to be sold for 100 million euros, when its construction cost was 6.5 billion euros. Egnatia Motorway is the Greek part of European route E90. It is a motorway that extends from the western port of Igoumenitsa to the eastern Greek–Turkish border at Kipoi. It runs a total of 670 km, includes 76 tunnels and 1,650 bridges.

Fig. 1 Egnatia Odos, 670 km

The privatization of the national highway that connects Igoumenitsa in the Epirus region with Alexandroupolis in Thrace is part of the agreement with creditors. The announcement will be made in late September, during negotiations with creditors for the second bailout program review. The deal between a private company and the Hellenic Republic Assets Development Fund is for 40 years and the Greek State will be getting a percentage of the tolls. Currently, the Egnatia Odos annual revenues from tolls are 50 million euros.