From Kvatrić to Pleso with a tram

Matea Uhlik Vidović, 19.07.2016.
The city of Zagreb and Velika Gorica will soon be connected with the trolley line. These are cities which include daily fluctuating for even more than 25,000 people. The mayor of Zagreb, Mr. Bandic and the mayor of Velika Gorica Mr. Barisic, plan to set up an additional transport corridor in the form of expansion of the Zagreb tram network and it will also be a direct link between Zagreb and Zagreb International Airport. Tram line from Kvatrić square to new Zagreb Airport will cost around 50 million euros. It will be about 9 kilometers long and the whole ride will last for a total of 20 minutes. Construction work will take place in three stages, with the first passengers on this route in early 2019.

Fig. 1 The route from Kvatrić square to Pleso airport

Open tender in August, 2016
According to recent announcements by Zagreb mayor Mr. Bandić, the realization of the project should begin only a few months before the regular local elections, and the route of the new tram line will go from Kvatrić square via Heinzelova Street and Radnička road to the Domovinski most, after which the connection to the new airport building will be built. The first stage of construction of this infrastructure project will be between Kvatrića and Savišće, with a length of 4.1 kilometers. The second stage will be built from Savišće to the Domovinski most and the investment of building two tracks from Kvatrić to the Domovinski most will cost a total of 37.5 million euros. After Domovinski most a large turn circle to Pleso airport will be built, but will leave open the possibility for the tram to move on to Velika Gorica. Since there are no cars on the intended route, driving to the airport should take no more than 20 minutes. The price of tram tickets would remain 10 kuna (1,4 euro). The entire project of the joint of the city center and the airport with a new tram line, is planned to be financed from EU funds, as well as its own funds from the City of Zagreb and Holding company. Therefore, the construction will largely depend on the situation in the city budget.

Zagreb will publish a tender for a project on 15th of August the latest.  A terms of reference of the first phase of the tram section from Kvatrić to Kosnice with a length of 8.5 km already exist. Implementation of the project should begin as early in February 2017.Parallely, project of cointinuing the route is to take place. The plan to finish all the works by the end of 2018, when the Kvatrić and airport Pleso will link 7 tram stops.