Megaproject through the city of Belgrade

Matea Uhlik Vidović, 31.08.2016.
Next year Belgrade will launch a tender for a contractor for the new tunnel. With two lanes in both directions it will connect Savamala and Boulevard of Despot Stefan. 
The main city architect Milutin Folic claims that until completion of the subway, the tunnel will be the most important infrastructure project in the city center. The price of this tube, which would be about 2.2 kilometers long, varies from 90 to 110 million euros. The exact value of the project will depend on the implementation of technical solutions. Expert analysis showed that the traffic in the city center will be around 14 percent relieved. Environmental pollution will be reduced and the number of driven kilometers will be shorter. As for the previous work that has been done in order to realize the construction of this tunnel, urban institution made 13 solutions from which two of them are chosen as the best ones.
Map Bg
Fig. 1 Map of the planned Belgrade tunnel

During the public insight into the two proposed solutions, both variants of the entrance to the tunnel in Savamala will be at the same place: at the park near the Faculty of Economics. Planned exits on a Paliluli are different. According to the first version, the cars that go from New Belgrade to Karaburmi or Pančevo, will rise out of the tunnel in the Boulevard of Despot Stefan in the zone of the city's Interior Ministry where two more lanes are planned. In the second option there are two exits. One at the Botanical Garden and the other is at the crossroads Cvijićeve and Poankare Street. The railway, which is located in the immediate vicinity, will be removed. The construction of detailed regulation is in progress. Construction office of Belgrade has allocated money to do the general project with a new revised budget.

sava most
Fig. 2 Sava bridge, steel arch made in 1942 by Germans

This basic traffic tunnel should be built in 1972. It was planned that the flow of vehicles underground relieve traffic in downtown Belgrade. However, this idea was abandoned due to expensive construction as the tunneling technique was far more expensive than it is today. At the place of the current roads two floors will be built. The first floor would have four lanes and above would be the construction of the present Sava bridge, which would be intended for pedestrians and cyclists.