No purpose bridge over Danube

Matea Uhlik Vidović, 27.09.2016.
After 5 years the bridge over the river Danube near Petrijavac, as the part of the motorway A5, is finished. The length of the construction over the river is 420 m, along with viaducts on Slavonia and Baranja side bridge extends over a total length of 2, 5 kilometers. With Krk, Maslenica and future Pelješac bridge, this is also one very special structure. Croatian motorways financed this projects which costed around 157 mil euros.


Fig. 1 The bridge over river Danube, Slavonija

The horizontal signing will be done soon. But, at this moment, it is not possible to reach this bridge as well as it is not having in any direction, for now. On the southern side of the junction Josipovac, in direction of the bridge, the sections of 3, 5 km of the highway is under construction. It will be completed by the summer 2017. Through Baranja, the section to the Beli Manastir, in the first phase it will be build a high-speed road instead of the highway in full profile, which will be expanded only when the appropriate marketing and financial resources for the construction will be met. From Beli Manastir to the Hungarian border and then to Mohács, where (for now) ends the Hungarian part of the highway on Corridor 5C, construction works will be made in stages. Both countries are looking for the possibility of financing the construction of these sections with money from EU funds what will slow down the implementation of the project.

Source: HAC