Under city, 2012

Dubrovnik, Croatia, April 12-14, 2012
2nd International Colloquium on the use of underground space in urban areas in South-Eastern Europe

The second international conference in the field of tunnel construction in the area of South-Eastern Europe is organized again this year in Dubrovnik, hotel and congress center Valamar from 12th to 14th April 2012. With this gathering in the previous period of the last gathering, are organized similar conferences last year and this year in Slovenia, Bulgaria, Greece and Hungary.

At the same time, several seminars were organized with the support of ITA Croatia in Sarajevo in March and June 2011, Belgrade in November 2011 and Skopje in February 2012.

Topics of this year's colloquium focused on the use of underground space in cities. In some parts of the world the use of underground space is no longer questionable, in South-Eastern Europe it needs to show further examples of the successful use of the underworld. Populated areas in South-Eastern Europe are a special case: the cities are crowded with daily trading and excessive number of cars on the streets of limited throughput capacity.

The lack of public funds massive daily transport in the cities on the one hand and the possibility of buying a personal vehicle on loan from the other, have created a huge daily traffic jams in cities and create additional requests for a number of parking places. At the same time all these cities have old systems of water supply and wastewater disposal, which often fail and contaminate underground, subsoil and water. Cities in South-Eastern Europe have some of its specificities such as the location of their large number of the geological formations with karst phenomena, they are located on the coast and have a town center that consists of a network of interwoven narrow streets. Croatian Association of tunnels and underground structures - ITA Croatia is organizing this year Colloquium on the use of underground space in cities. The entire colloquium consists 4 calling sessions with invited speakers and 6 sessions of regular topics from underground construction in cities.