Secured money for Corridor Vc

Country: Bosnia-herzegovina, 23.08.2016.
The Council of Ministers adopted the Public Investment Programme of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the period 2017 - 2019. More individual initiative of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury have been...
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Divača-Koper railway line

Country: Slovenia, 19.07.2016.
The Divača—Koper section is an integral part of the TEN-T network and crossed by two corridors: The Baltic-Adriatic corridor in the direction (Graz) Šentilj—Maribor—Ljubljana—Koper/Trieste, and The...
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From Kvatrić to Pleso with a tram

Country: Croatia, 19.07.2016.
The city of Zagreb and Velika Gorica will soon be connected with the trolley line. These are cities which include daily fluctuating for even more than 25,000 people. The mayor of Zagreb, Mr. Bandic...
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Sofia Metro, Line 3

Country: Bulgaria, 19.07.2016.
The Sofia Metropolitan is the rapid transit network servicing the Bulgarian capital city Sofia which began operation in 1998.  Construction of the Metro was not launched until the late 1990s mainly...
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Croatia: Tunnel as a touristic attraction

Country: Croatia, 18.07.2016.
Tunnel 'Grič', which connects Mesnička and Radić street in Zagreb, after 3 months of construction work, is finally open to the public. Restauration lasted two months, and the project for the...
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Signed contract for Stara Pazova – Novi Sad

Country: Serbia, 18.07.2016.
Serbian Railways signed the agreement with Russian Railways RŽD International about Russian loan for the construction of railroad Stara Pazova - Novi Sad, with a distance of 40 kilometers. The...
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Fréjus safety tunnel

Country: Italy, 14.07.2016.
The Fréjus Road Tunnel linking France and Italy. It runs under Col du Fréjus in the Cottian Alps between Modane in France and Bardonecchia in Italy and is parallel with Fréjus railway tunnel. The...
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Restauration of Selzthal tunnel

Country: Austria, 11.07.2016.
The invitation tender is open for the repair of the Selzthal tunnel on the Pyhrn motorway A9. The Pyhrn A9 is a major north-south axis in Austria. It takes you (as a continuation of the A8) for a...
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Aktion tunnel

Country: Greece, 11.07.2016.
The undersea tunnel Aktion–Preveza is a road tunnel that connects mainland Greece from Epirus in the Ambracian Gulf. It links Epirus and the city of Preveza with the central Greece -cape of Aktio...
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